My Beautiful Philosophy

My Beautiful Philosophy

You are my Sober feeling,

You are my Jest,

You are my beautiful unabridged dream,

You are my Romantic Philosophy,

OH! My Sweet Passion Of Thought

Where are you?

I always find in a memory

And Silent Path

In a Paramount of Sky

In a Tumult Earth.

Oh! Dear , dawn down

Embrace me ,Engross me…

Till the infinity of Love.

this is my first attempt in English.


संजय बेंगाणी said...

आपने अच्छा ही लिखा होगा..
हम समझ सके इसलिए कभी हिन्दी में भी कोशिश करें.

Anonymous said...

A wonderfully expressive poem ! And thank you for trying out English.

Your regular readers seem to prefer your regular script : which I too enjoy reading.

Anonymous said...

खुबसुरत कविता मेरा मन मोहित कर दिया बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद
दिव्आभ मन्चन्दा

Monika (Manya) said...

beautiful thought......

Unknown said...

no big words to comment on this venture of urs..but i must say it's simple yet bright start..lov to see more..

White Square said...

Very well done!
Its amazing to see you trying...
with best wishes!

Rachna Singh said...

english and hindi both are medium to express and you do it will in both mediums

रंजू भाटिया said...

very beautiful .....:)