Weeping Hormony...

Hello Everyone,

Before I say anything I would like to introduce
myself...some of you may know me by my comments
posted at few places in Hindi Blog world .I am
Aditi Nandan little brother of your own Divyabh Aryan
and just an other ordinary Indian. My enforcement
into writing this article is due to My Bhaiya who
wanted me to share my understanding of the topic and

BIHAR ! Does this name require any explanation from
people like me ? Am i a worthy exponent to defend
this mighty state from the onslaught it's citizen's
have to face in day to day life? Are we so less
intellectual that we have to fight over such trivial
issues when bigger issues are enlarging to swallow
us! Answer is surely in negative. Then why i am here?
Reason is,no single identity is un-worthy in its tasks,
each and every component has it's importance and if
that is not used properly higher units the complex
ones will not function.

My study of History,Geography,Socialissues,Polity,
Economics and many other related areas have enriched
me with idea from where i am atleast able to make
comparisons and detailed analysis! With the beginning
of human civilization we as a nation can't trace our
origin from this land. We are the spreaded wings of
the original humans'homosapiens'of Africa. Indus
valley civilization was in the northwest corner of
the country whose most developed remains are now in
Pakistan! The advent of Aryan's led to the downfall
and people residing there spread across the country
but particularly east and centre. Mind you we are the
representatives of these people, the successors!
the civilized ones !the most modern of the lot
available at the time! The rise of numerous states
in coming centuries marks the development of 16
Mahajanpadas of which "Magadh" became most powerful
and dominant. The cause for such rise was natural,
economic and social. People ,their hard work and
most importantly their political understanding
made them superior.This is the time when enmasse
was fighting for dominance this land gave birth
to propounder of two world religion "BUDDHISM" and
"JAINISM" and was Karmbhumi for both! Spirituality
was not at the back seat it was following the course
of action,the march of growth! The glorious history
begins when Bimbisara sat on the throne of Magadh.
Ajatshatru followed him so do the other rulers. Then
'Nandas' came and country saw it's first political unification .
The strongest of the state of the time which was cause of
concern for even the greatest historical general of all time

The weight of the sword of Chandragupta Maurya was
unmatched just like his nobility !The nations first
political head in truest sense.'ASHOKA'needs no
introduction, one of the greatest ruler world has
seen! Can we afford to miss Chanakya ,the only
political scientist of world appeal even today and Aryabhatt,
the scientist and mathematician respected
across the globe? The golden era of Gupta's to Pal's
to Suri's to being the ground of 1857 revolt headed
by Kunwar singh to be a birth place of Babu Rajendra
prasad to being an experimental ground for "BAPU",does
this land need any more feather of past to showcase
it's worth? At the time when world was sleeping and
country awakes to the freedom this state was among
the top five best performing and developed state!
no complains till then ,then why now? Is it because
we are visible at the bottom of the ladders of the development
measures now? No other reasons seems
reasonable! So,is it right to hold people responsible
for the state this place is into? Is this the only
cause accountable? Any person with open mind and
general awareness will answer this in negative!
Because for any good or bad thing their has to be
whole lot of reasons! and here we are talking about
a state who has seen many division in it's life time,
most recent being in Bihar and Jharkhand! Bihar, the
state with greatest of past, an entity with glorious
charm of over the years, the land of beginning,purity
and compassion is in surely a'treat'for the beleaguered
lot of the nation...the confused 'desis' of our own
culture, the by product of Communalism,Casteism,
Individualism,Materialism,Opportunitism and of course
Westernisation.Let's have a look around, what happens
in Punjab and Maharashtra public service commission,
Telgi's scam of stamp,Gujarat's overtone with communal
violence(latest being of kouser bi's), UP's state of anarchism
till a month back, portrayal of leaders as
gods in Rajasthan and MP, most tutelor CM ever
experienced in the history in TN which was also the
launch station of LTTE, the modern torch bearer of
Naxalism in AP,the Kabooter bazi thing where people
are illegally sent abroad for money(human trafficking!
cash for questions raised in the parliament (bribe
taken by MP's),the big bad world of underworld loom
large over the city like Mumbai and so many other things...
are not really presenting the condition of
Bihar, it's the condition of our INDIA! But does that
mean India as a democracy is a failed one? The answer
is BIG NO. One must understand that these are the
primal stage of prepration to become a develop nation.
Every other country which is accepted as Developed
nations had to pass through these, because development
is a process!Point is why once we move out we face
racialism in the name of one country? Why every other
'group' haven't been able to make their own identity
which categorize them altogether differently? Are we
same in our behaviour and nature? Are the way of our
meanness are so expressive that we have to have such
discrimination in alien land? Pretty one country everywhere!!!
I guess it's not the state rather it's individual who is good or bad...
and it's everywhere across the world , region, community, race,
religion and culture! So any generalization made on such
superficial notions is required to be cut off! Because
it's helping nobody , it is making people immature and articulate!
Beauty of anything is in it's uniqueness so do we have too...
and that is surely to be proud upon and preserved. We as a
community as we are known now is not complaining about other's
so we also have right not to be complained!

An appeal to disguised friend PLEASE if you think you
want to grow as human then be tolerant and accepting...
don't be too close to yourself because you don't
represent the Nation. If you want to do something
really important where you yourself feel to be proud
of then be part of the mission UNITY in place of

Written By
Mr. Aditi Nandan


Anonymous said...

hello aditi
welcome to blog world post
one suggestion make your post smaller
may be divide it ito parts and then post it as readers have less time and they will not be able to read suchg long post with interest
just a suggetion mind it no crticism becoz you are Divyabh brother

kousar said...

surprising to see u here.
amusing penned work!
hummm compiled thought provoking & informational.
stupendously interesting to say at least.
highlight upon a wide range of vital facts.truth at times can be bitter but the bitterness here is toned by a message of unity.
simlpy remarkable!

Anonymous said...

hello sirr m f99 u tell
well ur article is reallyyy very very nice its contains very deep n strong points !! m impressed !! kit caontains the messege of unity
all the best for future alsoo

Divine India said...

प्रिय अनुज,
धन्यवाद!!! जो मेरे कहने पर आपने इतना शानदार लेख लिखा…।
एक लेख तभी अच्छा होता है जब उसमें मौजूद सारे तत्व प्रमाणिकता से परिपूर्ण और अवलोकन व्यापक हो इस आधार पर आपका यह लेख पूर्ण रुप से खरा उतरता है…। जिन्हें अपना पता नहीं कि वे क्या करना चाहते हैं और क्या करेंगे भविष्य में वह ऐसी ही ओछी धारणा बनाए रखते हैं, जैसे आपने देखा होगा "ठहाका महाराज" कैसे किलकारी मार रहे थे…।
एक उत्कृष्ट लेख लिखा है…भाषा और तथ्य दोनों ही दमदार हैं जो इस लेख का सौंदर्य है…।

Anupama said...

Hi Aditi...

very good start...Fantastic artical you have written and amazing sense of presenting it....
you too start writing....as you have got ability to do it...so why not start it today :)

Anonymous said...

thnx to all u ppl who came n read n especially to those who found it worth to drop in with few lines!!!
rachna ma'm well i really appreciate ur concern but problem is that this article or for that matter any of my work is only for those who hv enough time to read...quality can b appreciated only aftr quality time is been spent on that...again logic needs a foundation on which a process of understnading can b built upon...
n yes being a bro. of smbody doesnt put me in the bracket where i sud not b scrutinised..i wud hv really liked if u hv criticised me!

Anonymous said...

hey kousar...thnx buddy...so good to see that person like u hv liked my way of writing...i must say u r better than me...tk cr.

divya surely a treat to see u here...i m nothing to b impressed with...u r really sweet to say such...

anupama,well really i m honoured to get such beautiful words from u...u md my article worth...thnx again!

BHAIYA nothing for u...ur name itself is enough...putting lines here means i m successful...lov you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Hi Aditi!

Can i have your id or maybe u can write to me at veedisha@yahoo.com.

Though we have met only once just wanted to keep in touch.